15 Easy Ways to Clean Your Diet Up

1. If you have a local “farmers market” where you can buy your fruits and veggies off the truck, by all means do so.  They’ll be fresher and tastier.

2. Make sure you buy everything you need for your weekly meal planning.  Returning to the grocery store numerous times increases the risk of buying what you shouldn’t.  The grocery stores know their business very well and present items that are hard to resist.

3. Vary your foods – introduce something new each week.  Menu planning can become boring when you eat the same things.  That boredom translates into over eating.  Try new healthy recipes each week.

4. Stay away from processed foods as much as possible.  Yes, they are very convenient.  They are also loaded with fat and/or sugar, not to mention the chemicals.

5. The ads are soooo compelling.  Cut fast food from your diet!  

6. Eat more fish but avoid breading or batters.  Fish oil is good for you. 

7. Eat more vegetables.  Try mixing and matching fresh vegetables for variety.

8. Steam your veggies instead of boiling them.  They’ll taste better and you’ll retain more of their nutritional value.

9. Use fat free or low fat salad dressings or make your own using lemon juice, spices and a tiny amount of olive oil.

10. Exchange water for soft drinks – yes, even diet drinks!

11. Slim down with casseroles – just use lean meat and veggies.

12. Go ahead and snack, just snack on good stuff, like raisins, nuts veggies and dried fruit.

13. Never eat while you are standing.

14. Don’t sample when you are cooking.  A taste here, a little bite there and before you know it you’ve eaten an entire portions without sitting down at the table!

15. Stay away from pastries.  They are loaded with fat and are also loaded with sugar.


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