11 Quick Kaizen Tips to Eliminate Waste ("Muri") In Your Diet

Atkins, Paleo, Mediterranean, Dukan, South Beach, Cambridge...the list goes on and on!  If the world adds one more diet to follow I'm going to scream.  I'm going to keep this simple and sweet.  The Kaizen way is all about efficiency.  An elimination of waste, or "Muri" is a a key step in the Kaizen method.  Here are some quick tips to eliminate waste in your diet.

1.  Substitute fruit purees for butter or margarine. They are easy to prepare in a food processor and will significantly reduce calories and fat.

2. Don’t eat while watching television. You can become so engrossed in your program that don’t realize how much you are eating.  

3. Avoid trans-fatty acids.  Use olive, corn or canola oil when cooking. 

4. Trim all fat from meats before cooking. You’ll be amazed at how much you reduce your fat intake if you take this one small step. 

5. Eliminate fried foods.  Do we need to say why?  

6. Cream sauces like Alfredo and hollandaise are loaded with fat. Use tomato based sauces instead of cream.   

7. Use lemon juice or low sodium soy sauce for flavor. 

8. Stop buying on impulse. Never shop for groceries without a list.  

9. Avoid shopping when you are hungry – eat first! 

10. Shop for groceries once a week and only buy from your prepared list.  

11. Head directly to the fruit and vegetable aisles when you enter the grocery store.  Fill up your basket in these aisles and you’ll be less likely to buy binge food. 

For more on my Kaizen Method of Fitness, check out my Philosophy & Mission.  More to come on the elimination of waste using the Kaizen Method.


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