The Sprint


Sometimes the situation demands a SPRINT; business needs to be conducted with urgency to beat out or stay in front of the competition. How do we accomplish that? The elements to our success are the start, the pace, the run, the intensity, the nonstop action, and the tenacity to win. We get off to a good "Start", "Pace" ourselves, "Run" hard and fast, when necessary throttle the "Intensity", maintain a "Nonstop" supply of energy while sustaining the "Tenacity" to succeed.

One of the most important components to SPRINT is the "Start". This decides the advantage right away and sets the stage for winning. If we jump out to a head start, it puts us further along the path. Others will have to work much harder to catch up.

Next, we need to develop a "Pace"; it signifies control and focus; that we have the ability to define our destiny. Keeping a steady pace allows us to reserve energy and gauge progress. It is a key factor in determining if we have enough energy to endure until the end. Within our game plan we need to design a pace that is faster than the opponent however it must be sustainable. Sometimes it is not that we are that much better than everyone else but that we have an enduring plan and expend a greater effort to achieve the goal.

Though we have a good pace going, to meet the timeline the "Run" is critical; at certain times along the route, to stay in front we will have to run harder and faster, giving it all we got. This is where we find out what we are made of and how much more we can bear. Here it is easy to overextend ourselves if not careful; this is why knowing when to ratchet up the intensity and when to turn it off is important.

Controlling the "Intensity" of our drive indicates skill and confidence plus signifies we know what we are doing. People view us as professionals and often try to pattern our style. What we do here will dictate how long we can go; therefore capitalizing on both smarts and determination is central in making our strategy work.

As we get closer to the finish line and our energy starts to fade we have to think "Nonstop", telling ourselves quitting is not an option, we need to persevere a while longer. We have gone too far, invested too much to give up now.

The final piece of the puzzle is "Tenacity", that is the motivation to follow through on our plan. Even when the quest seems farfetched or impossible, we find the strength and inspiration to hang in there and finish what we started.

Choosing to SPRINT gets us where we want to go fast; it is tough on the body and mind but the rewards are often priceless. We just got to set a sustainable strategy, capitalize upon our skills, exercise smarts, and work hard. This allows us to take the lead early, improve upon our advantage, outwit the competition, and come out ahead.

JPE Dunbar


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