The Journey of Uncertainty and Anticipation

The Journey of Uncertainty and Anticipation

The journey of uncertainty and anticipation seem to be a never ending road. As we look forward to what lies ahead and ponder all the possible outcomes, impatience becomes an occupying force. We hope our dreams will come true right away and waiting another minute is just too much. Everything seems to be going at snail pace and the thought of not knowing how the story ends create much anxiety. Because we are sometimes so consumed in our world, we fail to notice the continuous cycle we go through of "here to today, gone tomorrow".

Though the mystery of the future drives us crazy sometimes, it also presents a challenge. If we had all the answers right away there would be no thrill in our pursuit; life probably would we boring and uneventful. The uncertainty and anticipation brings about excitement. We may not admit it but the wait tends to fuel our determination and purpose; it gives us something to look forward to.

Our inclination to solve problems and explore new territories incites a crave, a burning desire to make a discovery. We feel as if there is a void and the need must be satisfied immediately. Whether it is knowledge, experience, or a tangible widget we seek, the chase is on; there is an urge to continue until the objective is achieved. Originally getting our hands on the trophy was the goal but even though we conquered it, the hunger did not subside therefore we hang the medal on the wall and begin the adventure again. When we look back, the journey we wanted to end so badly came and gone, and we did not even realize it. The quest is not so much for another gem; it is more about the ride, bumps along the road, the unexpected detours, sudden roadblocks, breaking down and getting back on the path. That is what makes the journey meaningful.

We need to set our eyes on the path rather than the goal. The road is what gets us there. It may be filled with uncertainty and anticipation but that's alright. Though we look forward to the prize, navigating the path and weaving through the maze often is our greatest treasure. That is what we learn from, what makes us stronger, and what we will remember and tell stories about for a long time.

JPE Dunbar


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