The Test


How do we gauge our success? It can be summed up in one word "TEST", which

stands for Teamwork, Effort, Safety, and Triumph.

The first element "Teamwork" shows we came together as one, put aside our

allegiance to individualism and personal reservation, and made a commitment

to a greater cause. Though we did not know what the outcome would be,

nonetheless, we put our wager on the team, believing that somehow we will

succeed. It took a lot of courage but we felt the purpose was worthwhile.

Making an "Effort" is half the work. Showing up and doing our best

transforms into results. We stayed focus, labored hard, overcame the

challenges, and got the job done. It did not matter what was thrown at us,

we stood up to the test. We had a vision, stuck to our game plan, and

finished our work.

For us to truly appreciate what we have done, accomplishing the job "Safely"

is central. The goal is ensuring everyone remains healthy and goes home

alive and well. We started the journey together and finished together. We

got there by paying attention to detail, looking out for each other,

concentrating on the business at hand, exercising superior skills, and

realizing perfection. Getting the job done safely allowed everyone a chance

to share in the victory.

The final part of the TEST is "Triumph".  This is the awe factor, the

exclamation sign, signifying that we brought our A-game. The results leaved

an immediate and lasting impression that we have done something great and

what we have accomplished cannot be ignored. We know that we have done our

best and our hard work has materialized into amazing things, some we never

imagined. You ought to be proud of what you do.

We face the TEST every day, often it will be tough but rising to the

occasion and overcoming the obstacles makes a statement that we are for real

and a force to be reckoned with. This is where we establish our brand

signifying "success", people will take us seriously and see it advantageous

to notice and accept what we offer.

JPE Dunbar

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