Are You Living A Kaizen Lifestyle?

Evaluating Lifestyle: Are you Living A Healthy Kaizen Lifestyle?

Everyone is so busy fulfilling his or her everyday jobs and commitments.  People are working extra just to make ends meet.  Their schedules are so pre-occupied that they cannot squeeze in even a single activity in their organizer anymore.  The big question  is amidst all this turmoil, are you living a healthy Kaizen lifestyle?

There are some studies with evidence that shows some lifestyle behaviors can actually improve the health and wellness of an individual, thus prolonging life.  The only problem nowadays is that people tend to lose track from what we call a "healthy" lifestyle.        

With all the stress and problems that people are encountering daily, the value for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is sometimes being neglected already.  Nowadays the number of people who are getting addictive to smoking and even alcohol is increasing every year.  These substances are the main cause of different chronic diseases that are mostly fatal.

The increasing number of individuals who are classified as obese is also another alarming factor in the current lifestyle of the society.  Many of us enjoy eating foods from fast food chains and quick fix TV dinners.  These foods may satisfy you from hunger but the consequence of eating it is quite scary.  Not only does it negatively transform the outward appearance of our body, but it may also cause different kinds of physiological problems such as kidney and heart problems.

So how can you evaluate yourself in order for you to identify whether or not you are living a healthy Kaizen lifestyle.  You can do that by asking yourself these simple questions:

1. Are you exercising regularly?  At least three to five times a week?

2. Are you feeding your soul regularly with Meditation or Prayer?

3. Do you sleep 7-8 hours or more every night?

4. Do you eat a balanced and healthy diet?

If your answer to all of these questions is yes, then I congratulate you because you are on the path to living a healthy Kaizen lifestyle.  If you answered yes to only a few of the questions above then you are probably like most of us that struggle staying on track.  If you look at it, these are just some simple tasks yet it affects your lifestyle so much.  So how do these affect your health?

1.  Regular Exercise is very important to every human being.  If you didn't think so you wouldn't be a part of the Squad or a fan of my Facebook Page.  Daily exercise makes your body stronger which in turn assists in injury and disease prevention.  We are talking longevity people!  It is also a good form of reducing stress for those who are frequently exposed to stressors (all of us).  The Kaizen approach is instead of trying to set a large goal like, "I want to go to the gym every day for the entire year!".  Take one day at a time and set a small goal the night before to go to the gym the following day.  Or even wait until that morning to set the time you will go.  Kaizen is about setting small goals, but it is also about being present.  When some set futuristic goals, it motivates them.  However, in others it can create a sense of anxiety, stress, or pressure.  When we live in the moment, we can use our positive energy to change the present, instead of dwelling on the future that hasn't yet occurred.  Be present.  

2.  Meditation & Prayer can have positive affects on the mind, body and soul.  Research has scientifically proven that meditation is a safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional, and mental state and more and more doctors are encouraging patients to practice meditation to cure many stress related illnesses. Everyday most of us experience stress in many different ways and I believe many people are simply not aware of how much stress we actually hold on to.  Meditation is about enhancing awareness of self, balance, and clarity.  The Kaizen way is to start with a small goal of 30, 20, or even 10 minutes of meditation or prayer per day and aim for a deeper level of relaxation and contemplation.  The overall goal is enhanced calm, happiness, peace, and relaxation.  

3.  Having proper rest and sleep is as important a role in one's health as any of the other factors listed here.  Some may believe even more so.  When at rest the body repairs itself from the days rigors.  This we know.  What most don't know is that sleep deprivation in children and adults is often mis-diagnosed as ADHD and can increase the risk of this disorder along with depression?  Some of the side effects of lack in adults is poor concentration and moodiness.  In children, moodiness, irritability, crankiness, emotional explosions, and the list goes on and on.  

Check out this link for scholarly articles on Sleep deprivation and ADHD.

The Kaizen approach to accomplishing a better sleep pattern is to maintain a proper nutrition and exercise schedule.  Do not or as much as possible avoid eating from fast food chains.  Prepare your own meals for the whole every morning to help yourself avoid being tempted from going to fast food restaurants.  Include a piece or two of fruits and vegetable with plenty of water in your everyday eating habit.  What you put in your stomach can often times determine when you get to sleep.  Especially if it is sugar and/or caffeine late at night.  Avoid these sleep destroyers at all costs.  

Exercise, exercise and exercise.  No matter how busy your life is, never ever neglect to exercise everyday.  The Kaizen way is to exercise as much as possible.  Incorporate exercise into you daily life.  Walk short distance places instead of driving.  Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is also the Kaizen way.

Gradually decease alcohol and nicotine consumption.  Aim to smoke one less cigarette a day.  One less drink per week.  Eventually, you can operate without dependence on these killers.

Knowing all these things is just the start of living your Kaizen lifestyle.  It is very easy to learn and gain knowledge, but quite hard to live it out.  Wisdom is the application of this knowledge.  Living a healthy lifestyle in spite of the fast paced world or judgment from others is not impossible to attain.  All it takes is some discipline, determination and responsibility in order for you to achieve it.

Stay on the path.

- Tee

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