12 Happiness-Enhancing Stategies

1.  Count your blessings  

Express gratitude for what you have, through contemplation, journaling or verbally sharing your appreciation for others.​

2.  Cultivate optimism  ​

Write, post, or talk about the best possible present and future for yourself.

3.  Avoid over-thinking and ​social comparison

Minimize dwelling on problems and comparing yourself to others.  You think you know but you have no idea what others are going through.​

4.  Practice acts of kindness for friends or strangers, directly or anonymously, spontaneously or in a planned way.​

5.  Develop nurturing relationships

Choose a relationship in need of strengthening and invest time and energy in healing, affirming and enjoying it.​

6.  Do more activities that truly engage YOU!​

Lose yourself in a book.  Workout.  "Give back" to yourself.​

7.  Replay and savor life's joys

Think about them, write, draw or share some stories with others.​

8.  Commit to your goals.​

Select several significant, meaningful goals and devote time and effort to reaching them.​

9.  Develop strategies for coping with stress, hardship or trauma

10.  Learn to forgive

Write a letter to let go of anger and resentment.  Burn it for added effect.​

11.  Practice spirituality


Engage in physical activity daily, meditate, smile and laugh.​

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