What I Can't Do. What I Can.

I can't give you 30 points and 60% shooting from the field like LeBron James. 

I can't throw a baseball with Derek Jeter like accuracy. 

I can't explain finances like Warren Buffett. 

I can't navigate a submarine through deep ocean waters. 

There are many things I can't do and I have an excuse for all of them. 


I have no excuse for not giving effort. 

I can work hard. 

I can set personal limits and break through them with violent perseverance. 

I can overcome any obstacle in my path. 

I can push to be my personal best, realize that is no longer my best, and set new definitions of what it means to be "my best". 

I can be so mentally tough my body will be afraid to quit. 

I can assure you every molecule in my body will be dedicated to greatness. 

I can't stop. 

I can't let you get in my way.

I can't give you excuses.  

I can do this. 

I will do this. 

- Tee Major

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