Becoming a better card player with the correct diet and exercise

Poker players are among the unhealthiest people in the world. Many players today just sit in front of their computers without thinking too much about their wellbeing. Sitting for long hours participating in tournaments can be really bad for the physique, especially if the snacks on the table are nothing but junk. 

The emergence of online poker has made gaming convenient for many people. Players don’t need to travel anymore, and they would be able to choose a variety of games online that aren’t readily available in land-based gaming establishments. While convenience is a good thing, health should always be the number one priority. Poker players should change their lifestyle if they want to be able to keep playing. 

To be successful in anything, people need a sound mind and body. One poker player named Bertrand Grospellier became poker champion several times particularly because he exercises regularly. There’s no real secret to becoming great at poker, according to Grospellier. All he does is get enough rest and exercise in order to have a clear mind when playing long hours of poker. 

To become a better card player, players must first change their diet. Instead of eat chips and drinking soda, they can munch on Acai berries or making them into smoothies. Acai berries are rich in antioxidants that can combat the long hours of stress. Also, acai berries are known to aid vision and hand-to-eye coordination. Having a sharp eye is very important for tracking an opponent’s playing style so acai berries should be a staple for poker players. If acai berries are not available, then eat something that’s available on the counter. Fruits have tremendous benefits to the body. Chips don’t. 

Exercising shouldn’t feel like a chore once it gets into a player’s daily routing. Exercising daily for at least 40 minutes can yield great results. There’s no excuse not to exercise, even when participating in tournaments. If players really want to change for the better, they can exercise early in the morning or late at night. Even without gym equipment, players can stay fit by jogging (even at a slow pace for starters). Once players commit themselves to exercising, even for just a few minutes a day, they would be able to notice the difference in their performance once they hit the gaming tables. 

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