True or False? We can never get rid of fat cells.

You can SHRINK fat cells by losing weight, but the only way to ELIMINATE fat cells from your body is through the ever popular liposuction.  Your fat cells are like little balloons filled with grease and butter (awesome I know.)  You can pour some grease and butter out of the ballon and make it smaller with proper diet and exercise, but it is still a grease filled butter balloon. Sleep also plays a major role in fat loss, in fact, for each additional hour slept you can lose an extra 1.6 pounds of fat on average (Canadian Study).

Kaizen Breakdown on Fat:




tee major fitness fat daigram.png

1.  The medium-sized (red cells) above are the most efficient at storing and releasing fat.  Much better than large swollen cells, and small immature cells (Black Cells)

2.  Overeating and lack of exercise causes your fat cells to store more fat.  As a result, they grow larger and tell your body to produce more new cells.

3.  As your fat cells expand, they become swollen or inflamed.  Larger fat cells are much worse at releasing fat back into your body to burn off as energy.  This makes it more difficult to lose weight.  

4.  When you lose weight, you draw from these fat cells; but they will never be as small or as efficient at releasing fat like before.

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