Quickie circuit workout!

circuit workout 1.jpeg

Here's a quickie circuit workout to get you going.  

Warmup - Arm swings 30secs, alternating lunges w/ core twist 30secs, air squats 30secs, Jumping Jacks 30secs, High Knees 30secs & repeat.

Circuit 1
(45s) Pushups
(45s) Body Squats
(30s) Jumping Jacks
(30s) High Knees
(1Min) Abs (Your Choice) Suggestion: Planks

Circuit 2
(45s) Pullups or Resistance Band Rows
(45s) Alternating Lunges
(30s) Jump Rope
(30s) Lateral Shuffles
(1 min) Abs (Your Choice) Suggestion: Side planks 30s each side.

Repeat Circuit 1 and Circuit 2

Cool Down

Each circuit is only 6 minutes of "actual work". Combined with a warmup and cool down this should take no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete if done vigorously.

Grace period is over. Get after it!!!

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