10 Reasons to Grab the Combat Bundle

All week I have been sharing with you information about an amazing offer. 

Its called the Combat Bundle and includes 72 of the greatest FULL fitness programs ever created. 

If you haven’t picked up a copy for yourself.. I’m shocked!

Why haven’t you?

If you’d like to check out the offer now (it’ll be gone today), here’s the link:

The Combat Bundle: 72 Greatest Fitness Downloads Ever <= Only 8 Hours Left!

If you need more reasons, I’ve got 10 reasons you should do it. 

10. You’ll learn today’s top methods for building lean muscle and burning fat. 

These programs lay out the exact steps you need to take to build muscle and burn body fat. There will be no more guessing for you. 

Just follow their advice and you will be well on your way to a sexier new physique. 

9. You’ll be able to bring these programs with you anywhere.

All of these great programs are digital. You can take them anywhere. 

This is perfect for those that travel or don’t want to just workout in a gym (of course, there are MANY programs that are designed specifically for gym junkies too.)

8. This is your last chance!

This offer is ONLY available for 1 week. 

Then it will disappear forever. Why miss this opportunity to pick up 72 of the greatest fitness workout programs ever created?

7. You’ll have access to 25 discount codes on amazing products.

Included within the Combat Bundle are 25 discount codes that you can use to purchase actual products at huge savings. 

This includes...

25% OFF Strength Stack bodyweight cards

15% OFF Bas Rutten O2 Trainer (improve cardio)

15% OFF Wreck Bags, Sandbags and Bulgarian Bags 

$100 Gift Card toward Testtack (a Testosterone booster)

20% OFF pushXpro (unique push up device)

$30 OFF igrapple (top mma software)

And More!

6. You’ll have TONS of follow-along workouts to use. 

There are MANY programs within the Combat Bundle that come along with follow-along workout videos. 

Just download the programs and press play. You’ll be able to follow-along with the expert. 

Talk about motivational!

5. You’ll learn how to protect yourself and your family. 

Of course, the Combat Bundle wouldn’t be complete without a wide array of self-defense programs. 

You’ll learn simple, yet effective self-defense skills that can protect you or your families’ life. 

4.You’ll learn learn many different styles of training methods. 

Are you someone that likes to try many different styles of fitness?

You know what? This is actually the MOST effective way to train. 

When you cross train (method of trying different styles) you keep your body from reaching plateau. The Combat Bundle has practically EVERY system of training including: bodyweight training, Olympic weight lifting, sandbag training, resistance band training, sprint training and so much more...

3. Its 97% OFF for pete’s sake!

How can you say no to something that is 97% OFF?! And no, this is not one of those inflated values. 

The programs that are included in the Combat Bundle are actually being sold on the contributors’ website at FULL PRICE. 

You can ONLY get this value here at the Combat Bundle. 

2. It was created by today’s top experts.

Anyone with an internet connection and a website can call them self a “master”. The experts in the Combat Bundle have proven themselves over and over gain by training thousands of people including pro athletes. 

Why would you want to learn from some low-grade, self proclaimed “guru”?

1. You’ll have a toolbox of resources for years to come!

The Combat Bundle has 72 AMAZING fitness and workout resources. 

You will have resources for many, many years to come. There will be so many options as you continue to advance in your fitness goals. 

Its a bundle that retails for $1,774.90!

This is your LAST CHANCE!

The Combat Bundle: 72 Greatest Fitness Downloads Ever <= Only 8 Hours Left!

The Combat Bundle features


  • 22 “Fit Like A Fighter” Fitness Programs valued at $532.55
  • 16 Strength & Conditioning Programs valued at $329.74
  • 8 Combat Skills & Martial Arts Programs valued at $200.85
  • 5 Nutrition Programs valued at $78.99
  • 5 Flexibility, Mobility & Rehab Programs valued at $154
  • 6 Self Defense Skills Programs valued at $127.95
  • 6 Women’s Only Programs valued at $167.93
  • 4 Trainers Programs valued at $163.89
  • 25 Discount Codes to Amazing Products


Total Value of the Combat Bundle is $1,774.90!

- Tee Major

P.S. The offer will end tonight. Then these programs will go back to their FULL price other places on the internet.


If youve ever had interest in

  • Metabolic Training (to burn fat)
  • Isometrics Exercises (to build strength, recover from injuries)
  • Animal/Primal Movements (to improve mobility)
  • Olympic Lifting (to build power and muscle)
  • Finisher Workouts (to increase fat-burning potential)
  • Kettlebell/Sandbag/Resistance Band Training (to add variety)
  • Bodyweight Training (to workout anywhere)
  • And so much more


Its time to check out the Combat Bundle


The Combat Bundle: 72 Greatest Fitness Downloads Ever <= Only 8 Hours Left!

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