5 Simple Total Body Home Exercises

When we bodyweight train, the upper and lower body must interact together in constant connection. Kinesthetically we refer to this as successive contraction, or like flicking dominoes to make them fall consecutively.

Movement begins in the feet with a sense of being rooted from below the earth. Those who have had a chance to train with me know that when I teach the plank, for example, I always cue from the feet first. "Push back into your heels and drive the toes towards the shins and into the ground." Then we bring that ground strength up through the legs by squeezing the quads and glutes tight. We connect the energy further by directing it to the hips, waist and abdomen, also known as your core. If there is no obstruction in the shoulders (shoulders away from ears), then the energy is issued through the hands. 

The key is that the body, even in this rigid (plank) state, must be relaxed so that energy can travel though the body. The mind directs the flow of energy by maintaining a state of discipline and peace.

Here are 5 total body exercises to demonstrate what I mean. The clips are a part of a new program I'm putting together for you. It's called, The Dirty Basics. I'm creating it for those looking to get back to the basics of training, jumpstart their fitness journey, or just get in a 100% bodyweight workout anywhere and anytime. It's all about returning back to the roots of movement, keeping it simple and effective.

P.S. If you didn't get a chance to read my last email about Simplicity and the basics of training using your own bodyweight, check it out here.


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