Simplicity = Truth


Indeed, it is difficult to see fitness as simple. Our minds are very complex, and it is easy to be distracted or confused by all of the noise filling the fitness space. It is even more difficult to stay motivated in a world that places aesthetics and superficiality above form and function. How is it possible to know what is real of fake? How can we know what is truth or fiction? How is it possible to achieve what we want to achieve when we have to sift through all this noise?

Getting back to basics avoids the superficial, clears the complex, seeks the root of the problem and pinpoints that which is essential. 

When you master the basics, through repetition and honest learning, there is a pure-heartedness and empty-mindedness that can be achieved. Your training is no longer associated with "suffering", "torture", or "pain". You begin to seek it. You seek it because it is the one place you feel "real". It is where you feel "authentic" and "alive". There is no noise. There is only you and the reality of the present. I'm talking about calisthenics. Using your own body to seek the truth. No attachment to machines, gyms, cliques, boxes, or even your made-up reality of how fit or unfit you are. There is simplicity in bodyweight training. There is truth in calisthenics.

The art of using one's body to develop a physique fit for battle has its roots firmly planted in ancient history. The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words kálos, which means "beauty", and sthénos, meaning "strength". The Spartans were one of the first known civilizations to determine that a warrior fit for battle must first master himself through rigorous physical bodyweight training. Legendary warriors were built upon nothing more than the sweat off their own backs, legs, arms, chest, and core.

We are done beating around the bush. We do not take winding detours. We follow a straight line to the objective.

Simplicity is the shortest distance between two points. - Bruce Lee

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