How To Get Fit After Gastric Bypass Surgery: Your Inside Tips

Many people have problems on losing weight. Regardless of the time they spend eating healthy foods and engaging in rigorous physical exercises, they still end up being unsuccessful in their attempts. And if an individual has been through this cycle over and over again, not losing weight can be stressful and depressing. This is the reason why more and more people are opting to undergo gastric bypass surgery. This is one of the most advanced surgeries which can help people lose weight by changing how their stomach and small intestine work. After the surgery, you’ll have a smaller stomach which means that you’ll feel fuller faster even with less food. Gastric bypass surgery will also change how your body absorbs calories – you’ll be getting lesser calories than the usual.

Gastric bypass surgery can become an effective solution for overweight people. With a smaller stomach, the amount of food which are consumed regularly can be reduced – and this can result in weight loss. You’ll be able to experience better and faster results if you also exhaust time and effort in getting fit after gastric bypass surgery. Here’s how you can do it:


  1. Talk to your doctor first: Before you decide to do any push-ups or run for miles every day, talk to your doctor first about your intentions of being physically active. It’s vital that you let them know about your plans so they can provide appropriate measures which can prevent any injuries or accidents. If they tell you to hold off your plans of exercising again, follow their orders. You don’t want exercising to do more harm than good in your recovery and body, right?
  2. Have achievable goals with your exercise program: Regardless if you’re planning to jog, bike, swim or play sports to get fit after gastric bypass surgery, come up with achievable goals with your exercise programs. Have your own set of short-term and long-term goals. If you’re planning to lose 10 pounds in 6 months, your short-term goals can include avoiding sweets, minimizing rice consumption and jogging for an hour every day. Having goals will make it easier for you to assess your progress.
  3. Stop when you’re hurt: Your goals are important, but these shouldn’t be the reason why you’ll push your body to the limits. If one part of your body hurts when you walk or run, stop what you’re doing immediately. You need to pay attention to what your body is telling you – and when it hurts, it’s already telling you that it doesn’t have the strength to support your physical activities.
  4. Choose physical activities which you love: There are a lot of physical activities which you can engage in. You can regularly visit your local gym, run in your neighborhood with your pet or swim every weekend with your friends. Regardless of your interests or schedule, there will always be a physical activity perfect for you. Make sure that you actually pick one which you really love doing so you’ll be motivated to continue doing it in the long run.
  5. Find the best time to exercise: Once you’ve already decided what physical activity you’d do, choose the best time on when you’ll do it. If you’re a student or employee, exercising first thing in the morning might be suitable to your schedule. If you have obligations early in the morning, exercising in the evening might be a better option for you. When you know when you’re going to exercise, it’ll be easy for you to adjust your schedule without compromising any of your daily responsibilities.
  6. Always be ready: Exercising more than once a day is always a good thing. Aside from following a schedule, keep your walking shoes and exercise clothes in your car. When these are available anywhere and anytime for your use, you’ll be able to exercise whenever you have the chance. Instead of sitting in a café while waiting for a friend, you can walk or run in nearby areas so you can make use of your time better.
  7. Start slow: No one is expecting that you’ll immediately get back on track after gastric bypass surgery. Although it can be tempting to lift barbells which weigh twice your weight, don’t do it. It’s best if you start your exercise slowly and gradually increase its intensity, repetition or distance over time. You can start by lifting dumbbells which weigh 5 pounds and then 10 pounds, and so on. Getting fit might be healthy for your wellbeing, but if it’s done abruptly, it can cause serious injuries.
  8. Consider when you ate: If you’re trying to get fit after gastric bypass surgery, consider the time when you took your meals. Always wait for two hours after eating before engaging in any physical activities. Exercising too soon can increase your chances of experiencing indigestion, heartburn and even getting a stitch. If you’re planning to exercise in the evening, consider taking your dinner earlier so you’ll still have ample time to sweat.
  9. Rest your muscles: Your body is made of muscles, not machines. After working out, give your body at least 24 hours to recover. Allow your body to rest so it can recover properly and regain its strength. Again, pushing yourself to the limits will only lead to injuries which can hamper your weight loss goals and recovery.
  10. Drink plenty of water: This one’s a no-brainer. Water provides a long list of benefits to your body, and it can help you lose weight too. But since your stomach can only absorb a minimal amount of water after the surgery, always keep a water bottle by your side just in case you’ll need it during and after exercising. If you’re not fond of drinking water before the surgery, discipline yourself to change your ways.

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Do Your Own Share

There’s nothing really wrong if you turn to surgery for your weight problems. If you’ve been struggling in keeping your weight in check for years, go ahead and sign yourself up for gastric bypass surgery. This might be the only solution you’ll need so you can finally be confident on how you look – just make sure that you’re also keeping your side of the bargain. Take your time to get fit after your gastric bypass surgery so you can maximize its benefits!

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