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Peoples Contributions

People's Contributions

Throughout life others have made significant impact on how we view things.  It begins with our parents instilling key values; and as time goes on friends and relatives infuse more influence on the way we act. Likewise, as we enter school and the workplace other folks get into the mix and shape how be behave and perceive things. Sometimes a complete stranger will step in and make life changing impact on us. I do not believe that it is by accident we are afforded with these encounters. These are the building blocks that ultimately determine who we are and what we will become.

We need to humble ourselves and be ready to take advantage of opportunities that appear on our path. Most of us do not pay attention to what is going on and by the time we realize, it is too late to capitalize on the chance to gain valuable lessons. Help comes about when we least expects it. One way or another people influence the things we do. They have been a source of stress and frustration and at times strength and inspiration. In any case, others either provide examples for us to change our ways or motivate us to greater things. We need to be conscious of these critical moments in time so we do not overlook what was intended for us. 

Most of us can attribute our successes to the people that we have met along our path or the ones who have been there all along. If we are honest, we will admit that we would not have gotten to our destination by our own share will and smarts; someone has helped us along the way. When we look back at where we started and take in account the most memorable times, we all can remember the people who were there that made it so special. Some may want to fool themselves that they made it on their own but if the truth was told someone else was there. What people bring to the table should be viewed in a positive light; bottom-line their contribution enables us to learn and grow. 

Sometimes we wonder why we behave in a certain way but if we think hard enough, we will remember when we saw someone did it or said it. We often pattern our lives from what others do and what they say. Take the time to thank the folks who have impacted your life whether good or bad. We all have gained something from the experience "what to do or what not to do". Whatever we learn small or great, we ought to remember to thank the people who afford us that opportunity; hopefully we are better off than we started.

JPE Dunbar