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How & Why To Train Like A Warrior: Becoming Superhuman Podcast

Hey Guys,

I was recently interviewed by Jonathan for his "Becoming Superhuman" podcast. It was a true honor as he has extraordinary guests of a super (pun) high caliber. He had some nice things to say about the interview...

Today, we are joined by Tee Major. Now, I have to admit: I didn’t know about Tee before his publicist reached out, and I’m kind of sad that I didn’t, because he’s an amazing guy and you guys are about to find out why. He’s not only one of Jillian Michaels top Fit Fusion trainers on the web, he’s a member of the ACE group and a specialist in fitness and nutrition, too… But he is also a tactical fitness instructor who served the military, and was their trainer in Iraq and Kyrgyzstan, during  Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He’s worked with the Navy, the Air Force, and the Marines, but as I found out, there’s actually even more to him! He’s an entrepreneur, a successful business owner, a nomad traveling the world, an adventurer, and really just someone who has so much to share.

Throughout the episode, we get into a lot. Obviously, we talk about fitness and leadership and nutrition, but then we also go into entrepreneurship. We go into freedom and even get into these pretty difficult childhood and some of the very painful financial and emotional struggles that set him back until the point where he was able to make a change and completely turn his life around, and get to the very impressive place that he is today: Running multiple businesses and helping people all over the world, inspiring millions of people on YouTube, and so on. I’m really excited for you guys to hear this episode. I think there are a couple very very significant takeaways both in life and in fitness that everyone out there should hear.

You can listen to the interview here via iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or via the youtube video below.