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Building Super Soldiers - Brandi (Volume 1, Article 1)

Master Sergeant (MSG) Brandi W.


1-229th Attack Recon Battalion

US Army


Meet Brandi W.  Her official title is Master Sergeant, but I call her "Bad Ass" and she proves it everyday when she trains.  She works long, hard hours and still comes in to train after midnight.  She is by far one of the hardest working clients I have ever worked with and it's an honor and privilege to train with her.


Brandi is on an 7 day training routine and we get after it!  She does this on top of weekly PT work mandated by the Army.  We work each body part twice a week with at least a 48 hour rest period in between.  She is sculpting a body of a super soldier no doubt.  Check out Brandi's Day 1 Back & Bicep workout below.


Brandi's Back and Bi Workout