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Welcome to Iraq

What a wild ride this past couple of months has been!  Many things for me has changed and I wouldn't have it any other way.   Many of you don't know that I have been in Iraq for the past 3 months working with the Army.  (Not in the Army).  I am training in a gym on a base in southern Iraq.  I was torn on whether or not this experience was something I could blog about, hence the significant drop in Facebook and Twitter updates.  Well, to be quite honest, my iphone was the best means of staying connected and Iraq doesn't seem to be a big market for AT&T.  However, I do have internet access!  Now that I understand what is and isn't a threat to OPSEC (operational security) I feel comfortable (and compelled) to keep you abreast of the latest challenges and successes of Tee Major Fitness in Iraq.

Due to many added responsibilities and changes to my schedule (and time zone ha), the posts will be quick, concise, and to the point.  Despite this being a blog specifically about training, I will be blogging about the people I meet, the friends I make, the soldiers I train, and the places I travel!  So far, I have trained with Ex-British Secret Service guys (who are hilarious), Army Captains, Lieutenants, and more.  I work with people from India, Sri Lanka, Macedonia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Ughanda, and of course Iraq.  I have been through Kuwait and Baghdad and plan on going to Dubai and Thailand in the next couple of months.  You better believe a Thai boxing match and some serious Yoga in the mountains are on the agenda.  

So stay tuned for many, many cool happenings and updates.  Feel free to write me with any questions pertaining to the experience or questions on fitness.  I will be posting pictures to facebook, twitter, and my blog to illustrate some of what I talk about, however, this type of media will be limited due to the rules of base command.


Love you all!  


 - Tee Major  


Check out this sandstorm coming in!!