12 Happiness-Enhancing Strategies

1.  Count your blessings  

Express gratitude for what you have, through contemplation, journaling or verbally sharing your appreciation for others.

2.  Cultivate optimism  

Write, post, or talk about the best possible present and future for yourself.

3.  Avoid over-thinking and ocial comparison

Minimize dwelling on problems and comparing yourself to others.  You think you know but you have no idea what others are going through.

4.  Practice acts of kindness for friends or strangers, directly or anonymously, spontaneously or in a planned way.

5.  Develop nurturing relationships

Choose a relationship in need of strengthening and invest time and energy in healing, affirming and enjoying it.

6.  Do more activities that truly engage YOU!

Lose yourself in a book.  Workout.  "Give back" to yourself.

7.  Replay and savor life's joys

Think about them, write, draw or share some stories with others.

8.  Commit to your goals.

Select several significant, meaningful goals and devote time and effort to reaching them.

9.  Develop strategies for coping with stress, hardship or trauma

10.  Learn to forgive

Write a letter to let go of anger and resentment.  Burn it for added effect.

11.  Practice spirituality


Engage in physical activity daily, meditate, smile and laugh.