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10 Fitness ?'s I'm Most Frequently Asked By Men - #9


Should I cut weight first or build muscle first?




First of all, we need to get the scale out of our heads.  I only use the scale for one purpose.  I know how good I FEEL when I weigh a certain amount.  If I could feel quick, powerful, flexible, and mobile at 378 pounds, then I would not care what the scale said or what I looked like in the mirror.  Bodybuilders have a different mentality than general population.  They gain as much muscle as possible in the offseason and then cut weight before a competition to get the desired effects.  If this is what you are looking for well then my friend you just got your answer.  Bulk and then cut. However, cutting and building are two components that can be accomplished simultaneously. 

When you increase your lean muscle mass the heart has to work harder to pump blood to these invigorated muscles.  You heart works harder than before, and you burn more calories as a result.  When you burn more calories, you burn additional fat in turn (albeit with proper nutrition).  This process can happen slowly or it can happen fast.  This all depends on your workout program, intensity, weight training load, and of course the one key variable we cannot change; genetics. 

Well then, how do you simultaneously build muscle and burn fat?  Here are a couple tips.

  1. Your training regiment needs to have a proper mix of strength, cardio, and core work.  It also needs to vary in intensity, load, and frequency.  
  2. Cardio should be done at least 3X per week along with weight training.  This can be in any form you like.  I prefer to mix in my cardio sessions with my weight training.  EX)  Set of dumbbell chest presses for 10 reps, then 15-20 burpees.  
  3. If you lift vigorously and at a fast pace, your heart rate remains at an increased bpm and you burn additional calories during weight training.  Load the weight up (safely) and get moving.  
  4. Don't stop moving.  Throw an ab exercise in between your sets instead of sitting around while you rest.  Always move, and always get better.  Still water grows stale.

- Tee Major