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One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity.
— Bruce Lee

Kaizen (Japanese for "improvement" or "change for the better") refers to a philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes.  The Kaizen approach is one that is used frequently in business and when used in this sense and applied to fitness, kaizen refers to activities that continually improve all function and aims to eliminate waste.

Kaizen is the philosophy of Tee Major Fitness.  We take large goals like weight loss and strength gains, and break them down into small attainable goals.  We then spot and eliminate wasteful movements or “muri" and make small, systematic improvements.  In all, our process suggests an efficient but humanized approach to fitness that strives to increase individual productivity during our journey to improve.  We do not have "members", we are not a social club.  We do not have "clients", this suggests we are not on a journey together and you only seek something from me.  We will develop a mutual interdependence that is based on you investing in me, as I invest in you.  We are in this together.  Therefore, we are "Partners".

Kaizen is a daily activity, the purpose of which goes beyond simple productivity improvement. It is also a philosophy that, when adhered to, can enhance our performance in sport, work, and even in our daily lives.  

My commitment to you and to the world of health and fitness is to encourage participation in my philosophy and create an atmosphere that facilitates a bond so strong that there is no such thing as failure, only Kaizen. However, successful implementation requires understanding of our goals and Warrior Creed.

Understand Ego

Leave your ego at the door. The Squad is full of different backgrounds, genetics, social statuses, commitments, and levels of fitness ability. So we commit to excellence and the fair treatment of all. Fanning ego will risk injury and losing connection with ourselves and others. We respect who we are, and respect the differences in others. We can speak without saying a word and achieve what others can only imagine.

Understand Commitment

When you join the Squad, we hope you join for life. We seek permanent positive change that can be sustained for the rest of our lives. Small changes on a daily basis will create incredible change over time. We never quit. We persevere and thrive on adversity. We expect to be physically harder and mentally stronger than before we started. If knocked down, we get back up, every time. We draw on every remaining ounce of strength to accomplish our goal. We are never out of the fight. Our training is never complete.

Understand Leadership

We will BE the change we want to see in the world. We expect to lead and be led. In the absence of order and direction we take charge and accomplish the mission. We lead by example in all situations. To be in the Squad is to surpass failure; to overcome, to adapt and to do whatever it takes to complete the mission. We are leaders. 

Understand Integrity

We shall endeavor to be model citizens and give support in the community in which we live. Uncompromising integrity is our standard. Character and honor are steadfast. Our word is our bond. 

Understand Responsibility

We demand self-discipline. Our progress, livelihood, and success of our mission starts and ends with us. We will always keep ourselves mentally alert, physically strong, and morally straight. We will shoulder more than our fair share of the task, whatever it may be, one hundred percent and then some. We will be an example for others to follow. 

Through implementing the Kaizen philosophy of "continuous improvement" and "elimination of waste", we create a unique, focused, and high intensity experience for our partners every time we train.  In doing this, we will consistently and systematically improve strength, speed, quickness, agility, reaction, power, mobility, functionality, focus, self esteem and self image; Therefore enhancing ones natural ability and developing new leaders in sport, industry, field or branch.  

I hope that I clearly demonstrate to you on a daily basis that my sole purpose is to improve through serving you. When you purchase my programs, attend my seminars, or join the Squad, you will not have only improved physically, but you will leave with a new and improved sense of self.

I will accomplish my  goals by helping The Squad accomplish theirs.  When we achieve those goals, I will help you realize and set higher goals to strive towards.  This is the Tee Major way.