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BWOD #382

Dynamic Warm Up

Jumping Jacks (30 Seconds)
High Knee Run In Place (30 Seconds)

Push Ups (45 Seconds)
Air Squats (45 Seconds)

Forward Plank (1 Min)

1/2 Burpees (30 Seconds)
Burpees (30 Seconds)

Lunges (45 Seconds)
Chest Tap Push Ups (45 Seconds)

Mountain Climbers (1 min)

X2 Rounds

Additional work if desired:
Explosive Training

10 Rocket Jumps X 3 Rounds
(place feet shoulder width apart. Swing arms back as if performing a box jump and explode straight up into the air, arms high above your head. Land softly and immediately repeat the movement.)

(30 seconds active rest in the form of high knees or jumping jacks.)